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We do supply the complete TV program services according to Your needs, on location, live or recorded, directly to Your Home Station. We do have the organization, the technology, the market knowledge, the management skills and the know-how to satisfy mostly of Your TV requests as: - Organization and supervising of complete technical and production set-up - Organization of satellite up- down-inks TVRO, space segment, telephone circuits / ISDN. - Outside broadcast mobile Units.
Graphics based of computer - ENG Crews - Temporary lighting for the football stadions according to the TV and UEFA standards, using modern and energy saving equipment - Facilities for video conferences - Large screen projection for inside and outside use - Engineering for TV studio projects, TV mobile units.

Contact Address

Television Consulting

Ing. Benoit Sartoretti

Via Resega, 14  CH-6516 Cugnasco Gerra (Switzerland)

Tel: +41 91 859 1721       Fax: +41 91 859 2813

E-mail: benoit@tvconsulting.ch                     Home page: www.tvconsulting.ch

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