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About us
  Television Consulting - your partner for live TV Productions. Our experienced team of professionals will satisfy all your production and television consulting needs. We are aiming at being the favourite answer for your production requirements, providing you with the most appropriate and tailored end to end solution. To match each of your specific production needs, we use the best production crews around the world and the most appropriate facilities so that you just have to ring us up to have the quickest and most effective solutions to fulfill all
of your TV productions. Our partners are TV video-service companies, local Telecoms, up-link companies, located in Europe and Overseas. Thus, if you are a TV Production company, a Media Marketing Agency, a large TV network or a regional TV Station do not hesitate to get in touch with us to receive the most adequate answers to your production needs.

Contact Address

Television Consulting

Ing. Benoit Sartoretti

Via Resega CH-6516 Cugnasco Gerra (Switzerland)

Tel: +41 91 859 1721       Fax: +41 91 859 2813

E-mail: benoit@tvconsulting.ch                     Home page: www.tvconsulting.ch

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